121 Therapy sessions

121 Therapy Sessions

With 20 experiences working with people and helping them to overcome the challenges they face in life I use a systematic and yet flexible approach to therapy.
The sessions are based upon a partnership between Austin and the client. Listening to the client is so important to finding solutions to perceived issues and assisting the client to see life from a different perspective. He will encourage client to replace irrational beliefs with alternative ones.
At each session, the client will be introduced to a new way of thinking using methods such as relaxation, guided imagery, visualisation and setting realistic goals. At the end of the session the clients will agreed to take actions that are designed to change bad habits into good habits and these actions will be reviewed at the next session to ensure there is positive results. Ultimately the goal of the therapy is for the client to feel better in themselves which will lead to living the life that they want and deserve.
Our sessions can assist with conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues and addictions.
The initial session is 90 minutes, and every subsequent session is 60 minutes.

121 Therapy Sessions Q&A:

Question Answer
Do you feel lost, and that life is controlling you rather than you controlling your life? At a 121-therapy session, you will learn how to control your own life. Once you start to gain control of your own life, you will begin to feel much better in yourself.
Do you feel under constant pressure and no matter what you do nothing ever seems to work out for you? At a 121-therapy session we show you that by that thinking in a different way will give you a different perspective of life. Once you start to think in a different way you will begin to feel different and this will result in a newer more productive way of doing things.
Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges that life brings? When we work with clients we identify the things that are outside our control but more importantly we show our clients the many things we have control of. By changing what we focus on will ultimately help in achieving the life that you really want and deserve.
Are you constantly feeling stress and anxiety in your life? When working with a client that’s dealing with stress and anxiety we teach them the value of being in the “NOW”. By learning to live in the “NOW” will greatly reduce the levels of stress and anxiety that you may be feeling/ experiencing.