Dealing With Workplace Stress Caused by Pandemic

Dealing With Workplace Stress Caused by Pandemic

Since the pandemic, people seem to be dealing with new forms of stress at their workplace that has snubbed the traditional forms of job-related stress aside. Workload – the most common cause of stress at work earlier, has been overpowered by other factors that are molding job stress.

Amongst the most significant ones that are induced by the pandemic include:

  • Fear about losing the job
  • Fear of getting infected with Covid-19 when returning to workplace
  • Concern of income – pay cuts etc.

Pandemic has caused extreme fluctuations in our lives which cause agitation, financial distress, constant mood changes, impatience, anxiousness, etc. However, it is significant that you take control of your mental health, so you are able to adjust and adapt to the sudden changes that have crossed your path. Here is what you can do:

  • Watch news only from trusted channels only and use them as a precaution to stay safe and keep your loved ones safe. Overexposure to news creates panic and fear.
  • Practice mindfulness exercises along with physical ones. Being mindful can help you tame your thoughts. You will be able to relax when you suddenly feel anxious.
  • Stay connected with your friends and family. Text them, call them, have a conference call. Keep your loved ones close as they bring you joy and comfort.
  • Accept the changes that are happening around you. The pandemic may have changed the course of things around us, but we should be grateful for things that we have.

Use these small strategies every day to help manage your stress.