Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing/Pranic Psychotherapy

Pranic healing is a tested and highly developed system the uses prana to balance energy within the body. It is designed to unblock congested energy and reenergises depletion in the body’s energy processes. It is a non-touch energy healing process based on the notion that the body can heal itself.
Pranic Psychotherapy is used to help people feel better about themselves. It is designed to take away the emotional attachment that we have to challenges we experience in our daily lives. During a session most clients experience a deep state of relaxation as an energy rebalancing occurs which results in calming of the mind and stabilising the emotions.
It is important to note that Pranic Healing is not designed to replace conventional medicines but to compliment it and aid the rate of recovery.
I have been a Pranic Healing practitioner since 2016 and has seen results with his clients which include overcoming fears, phobias, addictions, panic attacks and stress related issues. I studied under the stewardship of the legendary Les Flitcroft, Director of the Institute for Pranic Healing UK and Ireland.
If you want to restore balance in your life and feel better in yourself why not book a session today and experience the benefits of Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing Q&A:

Question Answer
Do you find that you are lacking in energy and always feeling tired? Using pranic healing we rebalance the energies by taking the bad energy out and re energising with good energy. After a session the client will begin to feel revitalised.
Do you feel low at times and don’t know why? In panic psychotherapy emotions are held in the solar plexus chakra and we tap into the sub conscious mind through the solar plexus clearing any congested energy there. The client will feel more relaxed and much happier in themselves. They will feel that they are now in more control over their thoughts and emotions.
Do you sometimes find it hard to sleep (or wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to go back to sleep because things just keep on swirling around in your mind?) During a sleep session the client is brought into a deep state of relaxation (it is not hypnosis but similar to hypnosis). The client is also thought methods to assist with problems with sleeping. A client will feel and sense of peace and tranquility and is likely to break the cycle of swirling thoughts at night which will result in optimum levels of restful sleeps.
Are you trying to control any type of addictions? The reason we are addicted to anything in life is because we have an emotional attachment to that addiction. Using pranic psychotherapy we take to emotional attachment away from the addiction. The result is over a number of sessions the client will gradually or in some cases immediately start to take control of their addiction.